Reign of the Night...

When darkness fills...

21 October 1987
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I only use this journal for fandom activities, mostly limited to the news community team_darklord these days. However, I also have a personal journal called rainofthenight which is frequently updated. Feel free to friend me there, but please do leave a comment explaining who you are!

I am the product of concoctions and chimeras, a labyrinth of thoughts and a highway of ideas. This is just a warning, it's worse when the encouraging begins...

With these words the biography of my personal Livejournal begins, called Rain of the Night. A friend of mine, my sis, told me to read Harry Potter fanfiction one day, and more specifically: pairing Harry/Voldemort. I was addicted from the first few pages! Inspiration hit and I started writing... I created this journal for my fics and called it Reign of the Night, a nice word game and quite appropriate, considering the recurring theme of the fics.

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Read "Weasley Twins' Sins" Links to further chapters can be found in every seperate part. Some parts still need betaing so don't kill me yet.
Read "Bonfire Whispers" 2549 words.
Read "Take THAT wand, Voldemort!" 388 words.
Read "Exploiting a weakness" 1316 words. Birthday gift.
Read "Duel" 292 words.
Read "A Trip through London" 580 words.

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