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A Trip Through London

I admit, it's been a very long time since I updated this journal but I am still alive and to prove it I'll post a drabble. I wrote it for the cookies marathon at the S.S. Ssssss and the themes were Spring and War. I just reread it and I must say, I'm quie pleased about it. So without further ado...

Disclaimer: Everything related to the Harry Potter universe isn't mine. I think everything is said with that.
Title: A Trip through London
Author: Amys
Rating: PG
Pairing: HP/LV-TMR

JKR spread many rumours and tidbits of information on the upcoming books before DH or even HBP were finished and released, many pieces of information that never came to be in the finished products. We can conclude from this that she only had a rough construction of the plot, one with many holes that only got filled during the process of writing. Some holes the size of Hagrid's little brother Grawp.

In connection to the double meanings many characters' names have, I found myself wondering about her original plans for Tom Riddle. Why would she have given him this surname if all she ever planned on doing was solving the riddle for us, and quite crudely so, as she has done in HBP and DH? Thoughts, theories or suggestions? What is the solution to Tom Riddle?

Spread the word and let's wonder together.

About Insane Journal

So I moved and posted my back up over there, having used LJSec. That's right, no comments transferred but the whole deal took no longer than a minute or ten. I noticed a couple of things though and have a few questions.

- When editing an entry on IJ you can't use the rich text editor anymore but only html
- The very handy button to  embed youtube vids doesn't work on IJ
- I added my tags, am only trying to figure out how to add a tag list to my sidebar
- Still have to edit the links manually

And a couple of additional questions:

- I heard people say you can actually export your lj based mood theme to IJ. How?
- Same for lay out
- And comments?

Not necessary, but it would be nice.

Anyway, I'll still post fic and everything else related here but depending on what the flist and my favourite authors do I'll divide my time more or less equally between the two journals. If anyone knows where to find the fics now, drop a line! 

*Need to compile a more extensive f-list in order to find more fics*

This mass exodus...

I don't like leaving livejournal. My friends are here, my favourite fics are here, my communities and fandom newsfeeds are here, but well, just like most people I agree that livejournal is taking these things on step too far. Several actually. I don't really plan on leaving, I just don't want to miss my communities and fics, but I have set up an IJ account to keep up with many others who are moving and to perhaps, start again. We'll see what the future brings of course, but you can find me on http://reignofthenight.insanejournal.com. And still here of course. Let me know who I can friend back under what name, all right? And share your thoughts of course about what the future should bring or might bring. Personally I'm hoping for a fandom driven journal service, because I don't believe in the superiority of IJ or GJ... not in the long run.

My question of the day about DH...

FIC: Duel (one shot, no spoilers)

Disclaimer: Everything related to the Harry Potter universe isn't mine. I think everything is said with that.
Title: Duel
Author: Amys
Rating: PG
Pairing: Harry/Voldemort

Don't worry, no spoilers!

FIC: Weasley Twins' sins Part VI

Disclaimer: Everything relating to the Harry Potter universe isn't mine. I think everything is said with this.
Title: Weasley Twins' Sins
Author: Amys
Rating: PG, PG-13

Read Part I. (Links to other parts from here)

This won't last forever anymore now. Only one more part to go, the longest so far, and then this horrid piece of whatever won't bother you again.

Seven things I did before digging in DH

Tagged by elfgirljen
1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever to do it.

And because I already did this one, I'll just copy mizstorge and list the seven things I did before reading Deathly Hallows.

1.) Took the train to Antwerp to meet a friend there
2.) Accompanied said friend to the supermarket where we did a lot of food shoppings
3.) Went to the house of another friend where we stored those shoppings
4.) Went with those two friends and another two to watch OOTP (again)
5.) Bought the book and was interviewed by the local tv station
6.) Went to the pub
7.) Started to read the first chapter but read the rest of the book only two days later, after we held a barbeque for about 10 people the next day.

It was fun!


More than books alone

Tomorrow evening I’m seeing Order of the Phoenix, in two weeks time I’ll be reading Deathly Hallows. I was pretty excited during the pre-book 5 period but not as I am now. When I heard the bookstores were opening at midnight after all here (the 21st is our National Holiday) I was kind of… cheerful. Uncharacteristically so. I scared people. I had been looking forwards to going and sharing that moment with fellow fans and friends after all.
Since I participate in the lively world of online fandom I find myself to be much more excited about this kind of things, I even started following the newsletters. That’s when I came to the conclusion that Harry Potter is more than just the books, part of the pleasure is derived from the events and egging each other on. Just take a look at the pictures and popularity of the conventions (Phoenix Rising, Sectus) or think of the many shipping discussions and fanon inventions.
So what does it mean for you? Do you participate in any Harry Potter events or is it a strictly books thing for you?
Apart from that I had the opportunity to see the film earlier, once at the avant premiere (here in Belgium) and once at the American Movie Festival but as it was with all (non UK or USA etc.) national pre-screenings, here too it was the dubbed version they showed. (It’s called American Movie Day, but they show the Dutch version. Just don’t ask, there’s no logic in it. There is of course, to prevent piracy, but heck…) I didn’t want my first impression of this film’s Voldemort to be him speaking with the voice of a chain-smoking woman, or that’s what it sounds like anyway. *so gay* It could be funny if it was actually convincing.
On a concluding note, I’m looking for some nice fanfics with my favourite pairing to serve as bedtime reading (don’t laugh) so if anyone has something to recommend? Don’t hold back!

DRABBLE: After Rationality...

Title: After Rationality…
Pairing: Harry/Voldemort
Summary: 100 word drabble from Harry's POV. A cookie written for the S.S. Sssssss. Their first time.
I am captivated by you.
Your now silent orations, tongue-touched explorations, sailing the mountains in my make-shift robes. Threads of silk give me the power to float along with birds and you gave them to me. I hold it dear, it is a part of my being now and it hurts when it wrenches my personality apart. Having my heart forced together with yours hurts, My Lord. It holds me beyond the measures of attention.
I had never thought that the physical aspect could touch my mind so deeply. The boy in me hadn’t believed that the consequences were far-reaching…

I just can't remember that I actually answered this... I mean, it probably is just what I want to happen instead of what really will happen in the end. Not that I hate Harry so much but because it's pretty sure that poor Voldieluv will not survive Rowling's last stage of the mindblowing journey (for some readers in any case) and I don't want Harry to remain behind with only Ginny for company!

Or else, because it would be such a clichéd ending!

A very happy birthday! (Birthday FIC)

... for one the driving forces of the S.S. Sssssss,

elfgirljen! I wrote a little something for the occasion. I had meant for it to be a simple cookie but it turned out a bit longer. (And that's probably the only time you'll ever hear me say such a thing)

So, especially for you: 

Disclaimer: Everything related to the Harry Potter universe isn't mine. I think everything is said with that.
Dedicated to: elfgirljen
Title: Exploiting a Weakness
Summary: Detention! Again! Is there a pattern in there?
Rating: PG
Pairing: Harry / Tom-Voldemort
Word Count: 1303

Exploiting a WeaknessCollapse )
Harry sighed, this was the third time in less than a month. One would almost think that professor Riddle held a grudge against him, but wait, how could they possibly come up with that idea anyway. He inwardly rolled his eyes at the self-pity. Ron and Hermione threw him sympathetic looks.
Since the arrival of yet another professor, Defence Against the Dark Arts had undergone a rather drastic change of curriculum. In fact, he had the feeling that the whole world had turned upside down and he was the only one left thinking straight. Perhaps it was hormones or a spell keeping the inhabitants of the castle in its thrall. Teenagers were said to be prone to the first one but Dumbledore certainly should not be susceptible anymore. (though you could never be sure when it came to that man) Harry had no clue about what was really happening but felt quite disoriented of late. Was he the only one to notice?
For one, no one seemed to think it odd that Tom Riddle was teaching and if his eyes had not deceived him Dumbledore had cracked a joke with said wizard this morning during breakfast. The latter had intercepted Harry’s odd look and returned it with one of those mysterious smiles he often gave Harry. It made him edgy, to say the least.
He knocked on the door and entered after Riddle’s smoothly intoned “Enter”. Everything about the man unnerved him and his voice was one of the main things. Together with his eyes. They weren’t red anymore (as if that would be the last straw for it all to become too obvious, not that it made that much difference. His name was a dead give away, to name one thing.) Their dark brown glittering was even worse though, because they conveyed emotion and expression, incredible as it was. They made Harry feel vulnerable and that was one thing he couldn’t afford when in the presence of Tom.
“Good evening, Harry”
“Good evening, professor” he gritted his teeth. “Care to tell me why I’m here this time?”
Tom sighed deeply. “The fact that you have to ask hurts me, Harry. Tell me, haven’t we shared a deepest mutual understanding since the day you were born?”
“Sure Tom, of course we did. You know you lie very close to my heart” Harry said sarcastically.
The other wizard smiled. “There is a certain intimacy in trying to kill each other. If you think about it you’ll have to agree. You occupy a special place in my heart, if only because none of my previous victims managed to keep my attention for so long. They usually died pretty quickly.” He almost seemed contemplative.
“Such a heart-warming speech” Harry said. He sat on the chair before the desk. Tom was drinking tea from a kitten printed mug. The heritage of Umbridge.
“Fetching” Harry grinned, pointing at it.
“Even Dark Wizards have their weaknesses. Don’t exploit it” Tom huffed.
“All right, Voldemort, slayer of kittens. Just once again: how come you are here at Hogwarts? Just… why and how?”
“I told you before that I’d go to greater lengths than you can imagine to get… my hands on you.”
“Right” Harry fidgeted with his bag. “I’ll just write lines then?”
“Harry… give me some credit. Surely we can invent something more creative.”
“I’m quite conventional, actually” he replied quickly. “I don’t much like the thought of you and creative in one sentence”
Tom chuckled. “Yes, my reputation precedes me. I’ll just interrogate you then.”
“On course material?” Harry intercepted quickly.
“Of course” the professor – turned – Dark Lord answered annoyed. “Defence Against the Dark Arts, was it?”
“Yes, Tom. And you’re the teacher, remember?” Harry rolled his eyes.
“Yes, fine. Now, how do you defeat a Dark immortal wizard?”
Harry stared. It was almost too ridiculous but Tom seemed to be enjoying himself reasonably well. “You tell me. And then I’ll test the theory to the practise”
“I’m not telling you!”
“It’s your job, remember?”
“Dark Lords have the privilege to cheat” Tom smiled and showed his teeth.
“I should have known. Next question then” Harry sighed.
“How do you survive a Dark Lord?” Tom asked testily.
“Erm… not anger them?”
“Precisely. You failed miserably, seeing as I put you in detention. Again”
“I prefer that to your cruciatus curse at any rate.”
“You enjoy my company?”
“I didn’t say that. And how exactly did I anger you this time?”
“How do you keep a Dark Lord from being angry at you?” his question was evaded not so subtly.
“Erm… practically everything I do angers you…”
“You’re not trying very hard, are you Potter?” Tom said annoyed.
“You’re mocking me!”
“I am the bane of your existence” the other wizard stated with a smirk. He had his feet propped up on his desk and looked rather menacingly with his black robes and now red eyes again. It was a pity of that teacup. “Another try, Harry, or I might be forced to undertake repercussions” He casually tapped his wand against the desk.
“No pressure at all” Harry mumbled. “Okay… not joining you is a definite no?”
“I love hearing you speak like that” Tom murmured.
“I can imagine. Another go… refusing to torture muggles provokes a really nasty reaction from your side”
“I’d always give you another go, Harry” he smiled wickedly.
Harry faked a smile in response, thoroughly annoyed. “Can I go now? This is so pointless.”
“Try again. You’re doing a great job”
“Allowing your Death Eaters to dismember and boil me alive would make you quite ecstatic as well, I believe.”
“Would be quite the waste. But do ignore my advances. I’m becoming used to it by now, so far into term.” Tom said with an almost convincing pout. He needed just that extra bit of practise.
Tom, I hate you.” Harry pointed out logically.
“I’m your teacher, show some respect.”
“I don’t like you all that much, Sir.” He smiled.
“Is that why you didn’t get me a birthday present?”
“It’s your birthday?”
“It was yesterday.”
“Don’t tell me that’s why I’m in detention…”
“Ah… I thought you needed a little reminder.”
Harry flew up from his chair and pounced on Tom. . “I can’t believe it! I missed Quidditch practise for that!”
“Come on, Harry, don’t skirt around it.”
“Around what?”
“Kiss me already”
“I beg your pardon?” he laughed in astonishment but that didn’t last long. Tom pulled his head down and pressed his lips against Harry’s in one quick motion. His eyes grew big but the other wizard kept his head still with a strong grip. He slipped his tongue in Harry’s mouth. It wasn’t at all unpleasant, actually.
Tom released him but his reflexes failed him, or perhaps his instincts had turned against him. His mind too was rebelling against the small part of him that was shouting silently to find his sanity back, and fast.
Their tongues disentangled reluctantly and they regained their breath. What had been seconds seemed minutes. Harry noticed he was clinging to Tom’s robes and quickly let go. He took a step back.
“That was a more than acceptable present, Mr. Potter. You may go now” Tom said slyly, leaning back and looking very relaxed. And smug.
“Yeah… I’ll be on my way.” Harry replied dazedly. He walked automatically to the door.
“Oh and Harry?”
He looked back.
“Don’t forget your detention tomorrow.”
“I don’t think I will” he answered, still somewhat in trance.
“I’m looking forwards to it” Tom had put his legs back on the desk and smiled that insufferable smile again.
“It’s better than your cruciatus curse at any rate” Harry grinned back before leaving to his dormitory, shaking his head in amazement.
The world had definitely turned upside down.



FIC: "Take THAT wand, Voldemort!"

Disclaimer: Everything related to the Harry Potter universe isn't mine. I think everything is said with that.
Title: “Take THAT wand, Voldemort”
Author: Amys
Summary: Voldemort faces the consequences of one past action in a way he had never imagined
Rating: PG-13 (I think?)
Pairing: Harry/Tom-Voldemort
Word Count: 388

OOTP in 3D?

The IMAX cinema in London - and other IMAX cinemas as well of course - play Order of the Phoenix from August the third on. The 20 minutes finale of the film will be in 3D animation.

How amazing is that? The ministry battle in 3D! Not to be missed!

Check here for the article